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Speaking at PHP London and other news

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I've been rather quiet around here for the past few months, so here's an update about what I've been up to.

Speaking at PHP London

Firstly, I'm giving my talk "PHP for the console" at PHP London this Thursday (February 2). It's a presentation based on my tutorial How to build and distribute beautiful command-line applications with PHP and Composer, where I go through the various aspects of building for the console with PHP.

If you live in London or in the area, feel free to register for the event (it's free), and make sure to say hello once you're there.

If you can't make it but still would like to see the talk, I've given it at PHP Sussex back in September, where the session was recorded:

PHP Sussex

Speaking of PHP Sussex, I've been co-organising this group since July last year. It's a Brighton-based meetup dedicated to PHP and web development in general, holding events on a monthly-ish basis in Brighton.

I very much encourage you to join the group on Meetup, even if you're not from the area – we've got quality speakers coming on a regular basis and all sessions are broadcast live on YouTube. If you still can't make it, past sessions are also available on our YouTube channel.

We also have a Twitter account where we publish all news related to the group.

PHP CLI tool using DDD and Event Sourcing

Finally, I'm still actively working on my PHP CLI tool to help me calculate my crypto-related taxes. In fact, I've spent most of my free time from September to December working on it, and I've been able to use it for my 2021-22 tax return.

I still have quite some fine-tuning to do and nothing is documented as of yet, but I'll soon be resuming my blog series (you can expect a new post some time in March).

Stay tuned!

That's it on my end – I hope everyone is keeping well and looking forward to 2023. On that note, I wish you all a Happy New Year (it's still January!)



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