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Docker for local web development, introduction: why should you care?

Among developers, exposure to Docker ranges from having vaguely heard of the technology to using it on a daily basis, the latter category singing its praises while the former is sometimes still struggling with the sheer concept of containers.

From Vagrant to Docker: How to use Docker for local web development

If you are somewhat following what's happening in the tech world, you must have heard of Docker.

Handling CORS with Nginx

With the always wider adoption of API-driven architecture, chances are you already had to deal with cross-origin resource sharing at some point.

How to use Vagrant for local web development

This article shows how to quickly get up and running with Vagrant, to create and use local Virtual Machines as development environments, all with a single command. This is indeed written from a web developer's standing point, and...

How to use Vagrant on Windows

This article shows how to deal with Windows' specificities while trying to work with Vagrant.